- I don't like surprises. Because I don't know what's waiting for me.. It scares me, so no surprises, thank you!

- I do like food. Maybe it doesn't show that I like food - but I do! Fucking love it😍

- I don't believe in love. I think it has something to do with: me being too cold - especially when it comes to showing my feelings to a guy I like.

- My life right now: is in a bad place. But that's something I like about our life , it always has these roller coaster moments. As long as I'm able to get to the good parts - I'm loving life.

- I don't trust people that easy. Because I've been hurt before. So as soon as I feel any "trouble" or feel like I'm going to get disappointed or upset - I leave. I really try to stay at those times - and I do sometimes. But if I stick around - I don't trust you as much. Maybe it takes just a few weeks to trust you the way I trusted you before or it could take forever.

This really makes me sad, because I've had to leave people I truly
cared about just because of one little thing called: betrayal.😔

puss, J

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